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Ramesh Dixit

Ramesh Dixit, PE

PCCI Hyperbaric Systems Head

PCCI, Inc. acquired key personnel and assets of Reimers Systems Inc. (RSI),

an established provider of high quality hardware solutions

for man-rated hyperbaric and hypobaric applications

with special emphasis on medical hyperbaric applications.

Ramesh Dixit, former RSI Vice President of Engineering, heads the PCCI Hyperbaric Division and brings over 20 years of experience with complex Hyperbaric chambers, Hypobaric chambers and related electro-mechanical controls, breathing simulators, heavy duty mechanical & electrical equipment for medical and diving industries. 

Mr. Dixit is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) by training. He is an active member of ASME PVHO, NFPA and UHMS Safety Committees. He has served as Principle Investigator (PI) on few SBIR funded hyperbaric research projects and is also a co-author of two chapters in Tom Workman’s book on “Hyperbaric Facility Safety” (2020 edition).

For over thirty years, PCCI has provided extensive design, engineering, configuration management, and fabrication oversight expertise for the acquisition, evaluation, modification, prototyping,

repair, and testing of hyperbaric components and systems.


PCCI’s Hyperbaric Systems combines the best of both firm’s

expertise and experience to serve an expanded client base and continue

advancing medical hyperbarics with innovations

that have greatly expanded access to medical hyperbaric service. 

Our PCCI Hyperbaric engineering team has over 110 years of combined engineering experience with extensive knowledge of hyperbaric industry codes and standards.

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