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PCCI Hyperbaric Systems has over 40 year’s experience providing hyperbaric products and maintenance services for the medical hyperbaric industry. 

With the depth of our experience, we are uniquely qualified to provide a Pre-Owned Certification badge on the medical hyperbaric chambers that successfully pass our rigorous examination process. 

We offer certified pre-owned chambers of most of the recognized brands of medical and research chambers to include brands like: Perry, Sechrist, Pan-America (PAHI), ETC just to name a few.

If you have a favorite brand you wish to acquire, let PCCI help you get the pre-owned

chamber you’re looking for.

Soft shell chambers are not included.

Pre-Owned Monoplace Type Chambers

Pre-Owned Multiplace Type Chambers

Our inspections are extensive and performed by genuine PCCI Certified chamber technicians who are trained by PCCI Professional Engineers (PEs). Technicians are trained using test instruments for inspections that are certified and calibrated to NIST standards, ensuring that our maintenance services are ISO 9001:2008 compliant.

Detailed inspection and service reports are made available to customers to ensure chamber being sold meets the rigorous standards QA & QC industry standards. All maintenance records are saved in our secure chamber records database for continued reference and after sale support. 


•    All Certified Pre-Owned chambers come with a standard 6 months, and optional 12 months warranty
•    All Certified Pre-Owned chambers will come with PVHO-2 Maintenance Viewport Inspection report
•    On-site  inspection, maintenance and repair services by PCCI certified technicians.
•    Services can be performed after hours or weekends to avoid or minimize facility down time.
•    On-site installation services available at request.
•    On-site technical in-service staff training available at request
•    Chambers shipped with a trained carrier for maximum protection during transit. PCCI shipping                    carrier has been shipping our chambers for the past 28 years.
•    After sale engineering support comes free with our certified chamber sale and maintenance services.
•    Chamber relocation services also available at customer request.

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