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The 1200E series equine Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) therapy chambers are designed for hyperbaric therapy, rehabilitation and wellness applications for equines. PCCI equine chambers are built to the same quality and safety standards that human chambers are subjected to.

 With two options to choose from, the chamber can either be pressurized with pure oxygen or air, in which case the equine breathes through a purpose built, proprietary BIBS mask system.

PCCI equine chambers are designed to provide a comfortable treatment experience for equine and are easy to operate and clean. Chambers are equipped with deluge based fire suppression system for maximum fire safety.

Key Features:

•             Rectangular door with an 84" x 40" opening for easy entry and exit for large size equines.

•             Four code compliant windows are provided for maximum visibility of the chamber interior.

•             24" x 18" elliptical manway provided for secondary access to chamber interior.

•             LED lighting located external to the chamber for maximum safety and chamber interior illumination.

•             Intuitive PLC based or touch screen controls to automatically pressurize and maintain chamber depth                 at desired ventilation rate.

•             The chamber is equipped with intuitive and easy to use controls.

•             Chambers equipped with CCTV systems for continuous patient monitoring during therapy.

•             Equipped with mist system for raising humidity, if needed during treatment.

•             Chambers are equipped with special noise attenuating mufflers to provide a quiet and comfortable                       experience for the equine during therapy.

All of PCCI Hyperbaric Systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
Equine Chamber Close up Photo 1
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