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PCCI Hyperbaric Systems is the single source for supply of the Multi-Occupancy Flexible Recompression Chamber (MOFRC) to U.S. Government agencies.


The MOFRC was developed by PCCI through an extensive research and development effort that spanned over the period of 10 years, and under multiple contracts from the Navy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. MOFRC is a 42 inch inside diameter, lightweight, foldable, double lock system rated for up to 3 (plus one spare) occupants in Main Lock, and 2 occupants in Entry Lock. The system is rated for 6 ATA (5 Bar) working pressure and is capable of conducting dives using Navy Table 6A. The system is designed for quick-deployment in remote and challenging environments that require immediate medical attention for diving, submarine escape or rescue applications. The MOFRC offers an 1,000-lb advantage over similar metallic transportable recompression chambers.

​The MOFRC meets the requirements of ASME PVHO-1 (Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy), Case 18 (Use of Nonmetallic Braid Reinforced Flexible Membrane Multiple Occupancy Vessels under PVHO-1), and the stringent US Navy NAVSEA Hyperbaric System Design, Fabrication and Certification requirements​.


Commercial versions of the MOFRC are available for purchase now, and the military version will be available once NAVSEA certification process is completed.

200924-N-AK995-2135 (1)
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